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Information about invoice

Our care locations are currently closed until 28 April 2020 due to measures from the central government to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Both for you and for us, this is a situation we have never experienced before. We do not have a ready answer to all questions either. We would like to further inform you about the invoice. Good news: It has now been confirmed that parents will receive their contribution, if they pay their invoice.

Your invoice is available

Your childcare invoice will be available in the parents’ portal Mijn KOW. Your child is now at home while he or she would normally go to childcare. Your costs will continue and you may have concerns about this. We understand your concern and we can well imagine that it does not feel right to pay for care that you are not currently receiving. However, we would like to explain to you why we are invoicing and why we are asking you to pay the invoice.

You will continue to receive your childcare allowance

Useful to know: the childcare allowance will continue to be paid by the Tax Authorities. The central government states that all parents have to pay their invoice as usual. You will therefore keep your place at the childcare centre when it reopens as usual. If you decide not to pay your invoice or to ask for a refund (reversal), you may be faced with the situation that you receive too much childcare allowance from the Tax Authorities, which you will then have to repay.

Your personal contribution will be refunded

It has been confirmed that the National Government will repay parents’ personal contribution. The personal contribution is the part of the childcare costs that is not covered by the monthly allowance (Kinderopvangtoeslag). The compensation will be transferred directly to Kinderopvang Walcheren. We then transfer the overpaid amount, i.e. the difference between the invoice amount and the childcare allowance received, over the period from 16 March to 28 April 2020 to all clients. The National Government has not yet announced when the money will be deposited.


If you do not pay the invoice, you may not be entitled to the compensation mentioned above. It also makes it more difficult for the government to compensate when there is an excessive diversity of situations. If that is the case, there is no single solution possible in this situation.


More information can be found via:

Information for clients (toddler playgroup) who do not normally receive child-care allowance

For clients (toddler playgroup) who do not normally receive child-care allowance, the central government is currently investigating how it can help parents with their own contribution. These clients will also have to pay their invoice, as usual. As soon as the central government provides further details about the compensation, we will notify these clients.


If you have any further questions about the invoice, please contact the Finance department on or 0118 – 62 85 03. This situation raises questions with many parents, which is quite understandable. This may increase the waiting time though, and therefore we ask for your understanding. We make every effort to continue to help you the best we can and to provide everyone with information.

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